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  1. Actually, I never got any help from Piriform, but figured it out by myself when I (10 months later) again tried recovering lost mails using Recuva, whereby - after 16 hours of waiting for a totally black screened computer to come alive - it occurred to me that ticking the "Create a disc image first" I might have been the reason. And it turned out it was..... A little warning text from Piriform informing the user that ticking the "Create a disc image first" will make the computer totally UN-useable for the duration it takes to create the disc image, would have been very helpful.
  2. Found the reason... When running the RECUVA application, do NOT click the “Yes, Create a disc image first” box. When I did so - on my Dell Desktop XPS 8930 (with all the top notch configurations) - it took over 16 hours of waiting before it was done, as the scanning caused the computer to become unusable for the time it took to scan the image (with no way to interrupt the process). When ready, the start up screen will appear again.
  3. Hi! Can someone please help ! I lost some e-mail in my Office 365, and since I have purchased Recuva, I decided to try it out to find the lost e-mails. When I clicked on what I wanted to recover (lost e-mails), the program asked if I wanted to create a disk Image image, and I clicked OK. Then my computer went totally black and has remained so for over 12 hours. Using a new Dell top end computer XPS 8930 = 2 TB HD + 512 Gb SSD Drive (C), Intel i 7 processor, 16 GB Processor (very fast computer), and I am 100 % certain there is nothing wrong with the hardware. After 2 hours of no-
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