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  1. I'm running Mojave 10.14 and Safari 12.0 and CCleaner for Mac 1.15.507 no longer clears the history in Safari. Your program no longer finds the same amount of files to clean as it did before I updated my OS and Safari. CCleaner still works fine for Chrome, FireFox, and Opera. I wonder just what CCleaner is "cleaning" in Safari 12.0?
  2. I am running CCLeaner 1.15.507 Professional CCleaner and a window keeps popping up telling me that Update 1.O is available with buttons to update or cancel. Clicking on the update button appears to do nothing and then another window pops up in the background saying the update was successful. However, each time CCleaner is opened, the same update window pops up, see screen shot below. Is this a valid update for CCleaner or a virus of some sort?
  3. I have the same question about having to enter my password twice. Also I notice there is NO secure deletion available in this version for the Mac OS.....WHY?
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