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  1. thanks, yes I have recuva. I have read a few issues about removing duplicate files that it can cause computer issues so I think I will leave that alone, that is one thing CCleaner can improve on is have a restore for everything you delete in duplicate files it would be a peace of mind nobody likes those error messages when you reboot your computer thanks for taking the time to get back to me have a good day

  2. 1 hour ago, hazelnut said:

    Do you mean  that you put some copies of, for example, some pictures into a folder on your D drive and now want to put them back on your C drive?

    Or do you mean you pressed the 'Save to txt file'  button as shown here?


    Thanks for your reply yes I read the link earlier and yes Save to txt file. When I pull up that file where the deleted duplicates were saved it opens up in Notebook in Windows 10. I assume you don't restore it from there I don't see no options  to do a restore  from there. obviously I see the restore option up in the top right corner where are you delete the duplicates inside CCleaner itself. So I highlighted the ones that weren't deleted and the restore stays greyed out does not give me a chance to do a restore so my question is do you do the restore somehow? from where it is stored to or from within cccleaner itself? where you delete the duplicates. hope this makes sense thanks. 

  3. High there I went to duplicate files and before I did the delete I did a backup of them where on the bottom left-hand side of screen  you can created the folder to save them in  before you do that deletion I put them on my D drive. then I deleted some duplicate files on c drive only I had issues my Vegas Pro 15 would shut down trying to open certain files. To add the duplicate files I deleted where on the C drive all my Vegas files are on the D drive which I did not delete any duplicates on the D drive just the C drive. My question is I went to the folder where the duplicate files were sent before I did the delete I don't know how to recover them and put them back in the duplicate file section( to be clear doing a restore of duplicate files) I had to reinstall Vegas I would love to know how to do a recovery when you do a deletion of duplicate files this makes me a little nervous hope I can get some help thank you very much

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