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  1. Thank You for your advise, I just had to reset my PC o factory settings from other complications so my issue has ceased for now. I do have the CCleaner app on my PC which is set to erase everything once a window has been closed. For now I just have PIA in Google chrome Beta version which is so much nicer than regular Google and it works just fine. I only use Microsoft Edge for personal things like banking and e-bay so PIA is not needed there. I tried using PIA with e-bay and kept having to redo my password because they thought I was a hacker and would lock my account. Thanks again for your help. JG
  2. Sorry, I also have Norton. Thank You
  3. I have the free 2 week version of Malewarebytes Antimaleware program running.
  4. I have been using this program only for a few months and I love it but lately I have to keep reinstalling the program each time I start up my PC. The CCleaner logo on my startup screen is dead. I have to go to downloads and right click on Run as administrator everyday now to reinstall it from scratch. Any ideas?
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