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  1. HI atexathome- Did you try running "compatibility mode" for ccleaner.exe [under properties] and selecting Win 7-- You can Google how to do this, etc. Win 7 compatiablity was offered to me as a drop down box select when I picked 'compatibility' for Win 8-- which seems to have temporarily fixed "Run Cleaner" etc.
  2. the run in "Compatibility Mode' for Windows 8 seems to have fixed it for the moment. I will now await the Periform FIX in JUNE. Thanks. Stan
  3. Thanks Hazenul -- I may give that a try. OR, awiat Piriform's next update in June where some posted they would fix it. In the meantime I have donwloaded free [competition software] to handle things. It will do for the moment. But yes, I will try your suggestion.
  4. I don't think it is related to Kaspersky at all. CCleaner was running fine on my system yntil 5.42 and now 5.43... "Run Cleaner" just shuts it down.
  5. I just updated, via ccleaner suggestion from 5.43.6502 now CCleaner just quick shuts down when I try to RUN Cleaner. It will analyze fine. I am running the FREE version of CCleaner for home use. I am running Win 10 Ver. 1803 Build 17134 64 bit. I have tried uninstalling with Revo Pro, redownloading, from Piriform site and re-installing CCleaner. No change, same problem. the program just shuts down when I click on "Run Cleaner". This is also happening on another computer I have that also updated to 5.43.6522 today so it is not the computer. Thanks, Stan
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