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  1. Hi this is Robertlaw again. Read my earlier messages above first. Last week I uninstalled Defraggler. It showed at three different times when I defragged my hard drive that my system was 33%-45% fragmented. Which I new to be ridiculous and inaccurate as hell. In five years of using earlier versions of DF, the results have never gone over 8% Plus DF incorrectly states that I have an SSD, which I don't. As I stated above, after uninstalling DF, I used the Windows 7 pro defragmenter. It showed 0% defragged!! Anyways, for the fun of it, I just now re-installed Defragger
  2. I uninstalled Defragger. Opened the Windows Disk Defragmenter that comes standard with Windows 7 Pro. I ran the Disk Defragmenter. It showed 0% defragmented cells. ZERO! 0% - not 41% WTF!! You tell me what's wrong with Defraggler! Robert
  3. I finally finished a full defrag. Came down from 43% to 37% fragmented What a mess! I then closed program, and immediately re-opened it. Ran Analysis - its show 41% fragmented now. I don't recommend using Defragger. It's got problems. And, of course, it wrongly identifies my hard drive as an SSD. Robert
  4. Defraggler is really screwed up!!! I ran for 3 hours, was 45% completed and went from 33% to 28% fragmented. I had to shut down my computer and run out for a while. Two hours later, I ran Defraggler when I opened computer, and when started up it showed 43% fragmented!! What the hell!! Now it shows 40% completed and says its 39% fragmented! Now I am considering uninstalling Defraggler altogether.
  5. Same problem as DJ above - I am using free Defraggler. It is incorrectly identifying my hard drive as an SSD. And showing that my hard drive is 33% fragmented, which is impossible because I check it weekly and keep it under 10%. I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Samsung laptop. I went back to earlier version, it shows hard drive correctly, but says I am 33% fragmented now!! And the graphic shows empty rows interspersed in-between active rows. (sorry, I am not very technical) By the way, SPECCY has same problem!! The latest version shows incorrectly that I h
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