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  1. Since the Aavast takeover, I always read the Release Notes for the latest version before updating manually.

    I smelled a very large and unpleasant 'rat' with v5.45.. so chose to remain on v5.44 anyway.

    WHY does corporate greed culture still continue over-ride trust, truth and honesty?

    ~ Well Done People! :)

  2. I do recall clicking on the red box in the centre of the 'intrusion' a few times after July 7th, as it seemed to knock it off the screen more quickly and saved waiting for it to fade as programed - perhaps this will also speed it's demise into total obscurity for you?


  3. 8 hours ago, Kiwi said:

    How to skip this window? I can't find any option. I just downloaded the latest version but it still shows this annoying window.


    Yes.. annoying isn't it!

    For now, until the promised Advanced Report options are 'soon' instigated (I was also really expecting it in this May release too!):

    Go to 'Options'-->'Advanced' where you can tick the 'Show Cleaner results as a file list' box.

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