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  1. My solution (above) did not last long !! 2 days later and it started 'locking up' at IE history/cookies/temp files again. What I have found is that if you deselect history and temp internet files (first 2 under IE) then CCleaner runs fine. After it has run once then select those 2 again and run, and it goes fine again. But deselect before exit, as it will lock up again next time. First run seems to be the problem. No idea what/why/how - but that has worked for a few days for me.
  2. Had same problem for many months - tried many things, including taking ownership of the IE folders. I dont use IE - only use Chrome. Win 7. But - found something and tried it - and it worked. Open MSE (and/or whatever antivirus antimalware) - exclude the CCleaner folder, and exclude the CCleaner processes (.exe). Worked for me.
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