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  1. Thank you for your reply. As I indicted in my OP I kept no audio or video files that I know of and I highly doubt they are a playable just by looking at the size alone. If this is all Recuva can do to recover my files, do you have any alternate suggestions?
  2. I accidentally opted Win 10 Pro (32-bit) re-installation that erased the data drives. Right after Win 10 was re-installed I ran Recuva to recover these files and folders. Normal scan revealed no files but deep scan recovered 4 larger "0000x.flv" files anywhere from 92MB to 1.13GB in size. This is from a work pc so there were no videos, pictures, or music files in the drive; there were only applications, data, MS Office, pdf, etc. types of files. So I was surprised to find flv files were recovered, because I thought flv is typically a video file. Is there a way to work with the recovered f
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