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  1. I just realized that this isn't the first time I've complained about this feature. I give up. Health Check isn't for me - a poorly thought out function for computer noobs who don't care about the details.
  2. More specifically, when I set the Health Check settings to leave cookies and history alone, why are those settings not restored the next time I run Health Check?
  3. I have set up Custom Clean to leave all my Chrome browser data alone. But every time Health Check runs, it wipes out all Chrome cookies and I have to log into every site again. Where are the settings to tell Health Check to not do this? Why does Health Check not follow my Custom Clean settings?
  4. CCleaner keeps cleaning everything related to Chrome regardless of how many or few checkboxes are checked in the Google Chrome section of Custom Clean. I have now disabled Smart Cleaning for Chrome altogether as it does not appear to be working as intended.
  5. Please add a bit of logic to the installer to remember the last set installation choices and restore them the next time the installer is run. Everyone else does.
  6. Windows 10 Enterprise 1709 16299.371 CCleaner v5.42.6495 (64-bit) Running Cleaner function results in crash. No diagnostics, no error dialog - just the standard Windows crash dialog. Rebooted system - same result. Does not crash on another system with the same OS. Installing the latest version of Kaspersky does not resolve the issue. What else can I provide to assist with the resolution of this problem?
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