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  1. Hi mta !. Thanks for your reply. 1. Reinstalled BT.. but it still will not uninstall in Control Panel/programmes and features.. all that appears is a box telling me that i dont have sufficient access to uninstall BT and to contact my system administrator !.. very strange ?. 2. I have run Reimage for a second time.. to no avail !. 3. BT doesn't appear in msconfig/start-up !.. but it is starting ! Now I have a new issue of BT ... Which won't go !.. I am bemused. I have also used the Settings/Apps and features option but this won't allow an uninstallation ei
  2. Hi everyone !...my first thread on your Forum, hope it bears fruit !. On Startup, an old download of BitTorrent, which is of no use to me whatsoever appears. I have tried every conventional method to uninstall this, but to no avail !.. I have seen suggested somewhere that this may be the result of a malware attack, Don't know if this is correct or not !... BUT i would like to have rid of it so iS there any way via CC cleaner to achieve this ?..or if there is an alternative that anyone has encountered then I would really be pleased to hear of it !. Thanks in anticipati
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