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  1. Fabulous! The advice re the Slim Build worked just fine. Many thanks to all here for descriptions and killer advice!
  2. I’ve experienced the same problem with CCleaner on two separate PCs, one of which took the 1909 update and the other the simpler updates to 1903, so that one hadn’t even got to 1909 yet! It’s hugely disconcerting, but now I’ve found this Forum and have renewed hope! Thanks to all for descriptions and of course, what appears to be a fix.
  3. Thank you for that, Willy. The machine's owner is away for a few days and when he returns I'll have access to the PC again and will try your idea. Again, many thanks. S ?
  4. Dear All, Very many thanks to everybody who have come forward with suggestions regarding defragmentation. Unfortunately the problem still remains. I have no advice regarding how to make the Hiren's Boot CD and it's MiniWindowsXP work on this relatively (2 years) Lenovo desktop machine. Does anyone know of a defragmentation tool that is a bootable device (CD/DVD/USB Flash) that will thoroughly defragment a Windows 10 system? I believe the internal Optimizer tool does less than desired as Defraggler continues to indicate a very high level of fragmentation. In appreciation, Stephen C
  5. I confess, no, I haven't tried what you suggest, so many thanks for pushing me in that direction. I'm away until Monday night from Saturday morning (it's 23:40 here) so I'll need to postpone access and test of that command for a few days. Again, many thanks ?
  6. One other thing and that's about the comment on Kaspersky. I have that installed in my laptop and have never encountered any problem as a result of it rejecting a Piriform product activity. My friend with the desktop PC is using Norton Antivirus (Symantec) and that shows no signs of interference either.
  7. I need to add that I am truly grateful for all who have endeavoured to help with this problem so far, even though there has been no solution as yet.
  8. Thank you for your comments. The PC in question does not actually belong to me - I am maintaining it for a friend. My own PC is a laptop running Win10, latest edition. If I wind up with any fragmentation above a value of say, 10% I use Hirens Boot Disk CD and then MIniWindowsXP, followed by Defraggler. This effectively rectifies any/all fragmentation as it can attack the HDD from an o/s running in RAM and therefore the fragmented disk is not being utilised to drive the PC and so any fragmentation can be resolved nicely. Rarely does this fail to produce a 0% fragmented result. If the resultant value is not 0% then running Defraggler from the installed system and setting Boot Time defrag (Page File can be dealt with this way) always produces a maximum success result. My problem is that I am unable to have my friend's PC run MiniWindowXP. If I could make that work (Hiren's Disk) the problem could be easily and successfully taken care of, hence the reason for my posting for all to see and advise.
  9. Many thanks, Willy2. Yes, I have run the Piriform app by right clicking and launching as an Administrator. No change I'm afraid.
  10. Thank you for that, MTA. I haven't tried Safe Mode. I've certainly utilised CCleaner as it's on my regular list of maintenance events. The Defraggler operation during restart deals with the Page File and as such I suspect that's what caused the reduction from 51 to 44%. I have of course run Win Disk Cleaner, so all update unrequired items should be gone. Still the high level of fragmentation remains.
  11. The drive is Hard Disk. Win10 Optimizer completes and I've used it more than once with no benefit. I used the installed Defraggler to defrag during boot up and it reduced fragmentation from 51 to 44%, which is the best I could achieve. If you have any bright ideas I would welcome them and thank you anyway for chiming in
  12. I have a relatively new Lenovo desktop PC running Win10, x64. There is masses of space on the 1TB System (C) HDD. Current fragmentation is pretty horrendous at 51%. Defraggler seems to be unable to reduce the fragmention. Win10 Optimizer makes no improvement. I've endeavoured to run Defraggler from a Hiren's Boot Disk, MiniWindowsXP, but when loading/launching the o/s the system crashes out to Blue Screen and displays some deterring instructions. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. In the past I have had great success running Defraggler from MiniWinXP and fragmentation is usually reduced to 0%. Many thanks in anticipation
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