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  1. It doesn't seem to be either of those. I unchecked the Office entry, but was again asked to sign in when I restarted Office. Also, there were no cookies listed on my system to keep after signing in again.
  2. I have a question about ccleaner and Microsoft Office 2013. It seems that ccleaner erases the entry that tells Microsoft office 2013 that it is currently signed in to Microsoft account. Whenever I run ccleaner, and then run Microsoft Office I am asked to sign in to my Microsoft account again. This happens every time I run ccleaner. Does anyone know the entry that I need to add to the exclusion list prevents this from happening, and allow me to remain signed in?
  3. Thanks for that. That was just what I needed.
  4. Is there any way to have CCleaner erase entire directories and not just the files inside them (*.*)?
  5. I've been tryin to fix a very weird XP icon issue. As you can see from the screenshot, there are icons for Miranda, Dr Web, and Proxomitron but they don't show up on the left side. Obviously, this is not just limited to LnS. My icons for every exe have been replaced my the one you see. Any ideas here?
  6. n8chavez

    Please Help Me

    If that is the case then, and assuming you don't have an AVI DVD player, you'll need more than just burning software; you'll need software to convert to DVD. For that I'd recommend ConvertXtoDVD. I recommend CDRTFE as a burning app, but it is not what you need in this case.
  7. n8chavez

    Please Help Me

    I'll ask the obvious question; what exact;y are you trying to burn. You mentioned movies, but if that is the case why do you want DVD menus? I ask because they are already built-in to DVD movies. All that being said, I can tell you what I use. I use CDRTFE and I have never had problem with it whether I am burning data discs, audio discs, or DVDs. PM me for a link of my customized version.
  8. I do use WindowBlinds. But what does that have to do with Eraser. I tried googling BLOCK.WB4 but did not see anything.
  9. I've done that. I've posted there, here, and Wilders. For some reason no one wants to answer this.
  10. Whenever I erase I folder with files in it, it doesn't matter what the files that are being erased are, there is always a weird problem with Eraser. When erasing via the context menu, that folder's contents do get erased. However, the folder does not, in fact, after erasing, files that were not originally in it are now there; _BLOCK.WB4, msaatext.dll, and other seemingly random junk files. I am using version 5.84. Any ideas?
  11. That's a very drastic step, so it's best not to do that unless you have to. Have you tried running sfc /scannow? If not try that. Beliw if a reg entry that will add the 'Manage' option to your 'My Computer' context menu. What happens when you try to activate that option? Anything different?
  12. Don't get too excited yet. According to their conditions, you will need to pay $10 per year per module in one year, meaning that the $60 is not for a lifetime license but for a one year license.
  13. n8chavez


    When are you guys going to learn that any default software that comes with Winows is never going to be as good as third-party software. I would strongly advise you against using the built in firewall in any windows installation. Instead, use something like LnS or Jetico version 2. Free is not always the answer. And, in the case of security related products, it is always never worth it.
  14. Don't misunderstand myt, NOD32 2.7 is a great program, arguably the best. I'm not desputing that. However, I have a hard time recommending ESET products because the current version, version 2.7, is not what users will be using in the near future. It remains be be seen what version 3 will bring. But judging from the ESS (Eset Security Suite) beta, the reactions are not that great. It may provide great protection but the interface has chaged a great deal. Gone in the version 2 interface, which offers customizability and a unique look. That is simply what I meant. If I could recommend NOD32 2.7 without knowing that the user will have to upgrade to version 3 I would.
  15. That's not the best advice. ESET will be releasing version 3 "soon" and people that are trying the beta do not have the best of things to say about it, which is important because that is the version that everyone will be forced to use. I say go with KAV 7, at least that way you know what you are going to get.
  16. n8chavez


    Hi BC, Fancy meeting you here. I wonder how many other Wilders' are here also. As far as your question is concerned, I was only able to find very little information on TrackMeNot that does not relate to the FF extension. What I was able to find had to do with various freeware spyware scanners. Please be more specific. Nate
  17. This does seem a bit strange seeing as how JKDefrag is discussed here frequently. Also, with a little bit of registry rditing JKDefrag can be made to defrag individual files amd folders Of course, change the paths to where your cmd excecutables is.
  18. While Avira is a very good product, there have been numerous reports regarding its cleaning ability. It seems that it can detect certain malware but cannot clean then. I say go with Kaspersky and you won't be disappointed. Version 7 is awesome. Plus, you have the option of scanning encrypted ports, SSL, which is something I have not seem is any other product.
  19. n8chavez


    I don't really think that a 35 wpie method is necesary. As long as you are smart with a method you create you should be fine. For instance 1 Pseudorandom Data 2 Pseudorandom Data 3 Pseudorandom Data 4 Pseudorandom Data 5 Pseudorandom Data 6 1010101001010101 7 0101010110101010 8 0000000000000000 9 Pseudorandom Data 10 0000000000000000 Ten wipes and your set. 35 is too rough on the disks. Just be smart....not brutish.
  20. n8chavez


    You are right. After "delete completely' with Restoration and then doing a c:\ scan there were np files listed. Not so with Eraser. I even tried using Recuva and seeing what it saw and the result was the same. I am a bit weary of one thing though: the deleting process with Restoration was rather quick. That leads me to believe that it is not being as securely erased as things are with eraser, where you can actually pick the method used. I have no idea what is beign done with Restoration erasing. That leads me to think that Eraser is better in that regard. Also, I was prompted to do a second scan after deleting free space with Restoration. I think that might be what is leading to the scan results. If this is the case, then Eraser should incorporate something similar with their product. But again, just becayse you cannot see any file names does not mean that there are not any there to recover. Conversely, just because files are listed does not mean that they are going to be recoverable. My suggestion, at least for the time being, is to use a combination of Eraser, using a secure erase method, and Restoration, because of that second scan. That way you are sure you are 'safe'. I will mention this at the Eraser forums. Thank You.
  21. n8chavez


    Well, I'm not really sure if this will help you but I will tell you what I know. I have tried Restoration and am an avid user of eraser 5.83. As far as I can tell Restoration is not actually able to recover any data that was erased with eraser. My scan showed random file names with random extensions as well as random folder names. Just out of curiosity, I tried to restore a file with a .jpeg extension and no program was able to open it. That makes me wonder if indeed it was an image or f it was just given that extension. I think you are covered despite Restoration's results because no one will be able to do anything with the files it finds nor see what kind of file they were.
  22. n8chavez


    I think you have misunderstood the purpose of both erunt and erunt. They are not system recovery software. What erunt does is restore a corrupted registry should you have a clean backup. All erunt does is defragment your registry. If need need help your going to have to be more specific. But rest assured these are not the titles to use for system recovery.
  23. No, not that I am aware of. Perhaps in future versions it will. I might be worth it to add a feature request in the JKDefrag forum.
  24. I'd just like to make one change to what you said. Draw is not a replacement for publisher. They are not even close in function. OO does not currently have an application that is similair to Publisher, mainly because MS Office does not allow backwards compatablity with their file formats. There is, however, a freeware application that many have been pleased with that will allow 'publisher-like' functions called Scribus. See it here.
  25. n8chavez

    Xcopy question

    No luck. It didn't work.
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