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  1. 1) You're right ! I was a litlle bit too much in a hurry ! I always used Ccleaner with "update check" disabled... and i don't know why for the lasts i didn't see it in the right icon 3) You're right again ! It's Avast and not Mc Afee... But the result is the same one : i didn't ask nothing... and i downloaded the installer on the official website !! Why package official tool with and advertising thing !?? Ok i know... why not else ? But in this case, don't enable install option by default !! I had never seen that before with Ccleaner. I took time this time, and re-installe
  2. I'm french, so i'll try to write good English ! Sorry if not ! 1/ First thing : i was very VERY desappointed when i saw that you deleted "check update" option ! I use Ccleaner since severals years, at least 8 years !... and i always updated it myself every 5-6 month, or when i changed OS (windows versions). Then now, i always have an annoying notification to update each time i launch it, until i update, or until next update (can't have peace more than a month thus). 2/ Now (since v541) you put a new interface.... FULLY USELESS for me !! And worth, i suppose it
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