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  1. I have created a 'TEMP' folder within 'Downloads' for downloads and all browsers are set to download to this location. I then move the downloads I want to save to their respective location and I have set CCleaner to clear this TEMP folder (pic att). Edit: I have checked the Adavnced settings and noticed that the box for 'Custom Files and Folders' is no longer ticked. Considering that I run CCleaner from the taskbar and do not open the program itself, I cannot explain how the box would become unticked.
  2. I have listed an additional location for CCleaner to clean but this is being skipped and I now have to remove the files/folders manually. The custom location has been listed in CCleaner for years and I have not had to "clean" it manually before. The custom location is not beeing 'seen' by CCleaner when running a analysis. Any suggestion? Thank you. CCleaner Pro v5.48.6834 Windows 10
  3. CCleaner 5.42.6595 Pro / Windows 10 / Chrome Version 66.0.3359.117 (Official Build) (64-bit) My routine is simple: I keep Chrome open all day and close it before using CCleaner at the end of the day. Since updating to CCleaner 5.42.6595, various Chrome profile settings (sync, zoom, download preferences, bookmark bar and more) have to be reset every time I restart Chrome. I have just closed and restarted Chrome without using CCleaner and all the profile settings are unchanged. I have close Chrome and used CCleaner before restarting Chrome: Chrome sync, zoom, download preferences, bookmark bar, etc... have default back to their default setting and need to be reset to my profile setting. I have not changed CCleaner settings in ages, so this points to something new or changed in CCleaner 5.42.6595.
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