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  1. Hi, can you please be more specific which issues/bugs concern you? If there is a critical bug (e.g. with that FontCache on Win10), then it was fixed within several days after release.
  2. "heartbeat crap", as you call it, is part of CCleaner telemetry -- it helps Piriform to understand how CCleaner product is used, how many users use it, how often, which options they use, and which are not used. Every big software company (Microsoft, Adobe, ...) uses telemetry to improve their product. Heartbeat was introduced in CCleaner version 4.18+ in 2014, so this isn't something new. CCleaner's team really needs to understand how the product is used, otherwise they focus on some functionality which are not used by users -- how they can find it out? This is why telemetry exists.
  3. "Active Monitoring" term was somehow misleading -- it was introduced in CCleaner version 4.18 in 2014 and it served for two purposes: it helped to monitor your system to offer better cleanup (e.g. when a browser was terminated, ...) and it also sent some telemetry to Piriform since 2014. Telemetry data are very important otherwise you don't know how many users you have, how they use UI (e.g. developers can focus on mainly used options, or some options can be removed from the product, because they're not used). Every big software company uses telemetry data to improve their product, incl. Windo
  4. you actually have -- I looked at your video (thanks for it!) and CCleaner just disappears (= crashed); you can verify it from "Task Manager" if CCleaner is removed from the list, or not
  5. @sylt21: can you please create a process dump of CCleaner.exe on your 32-bit machine when ccleaner freezes? When it happen, please run Task Manager, find CCleaner.exe process, right click and create a dump. Can you please upload dump somewhere? Thanks. @others (64-bit users): please download procdump.zip (https://download.sysinternals.com/files/Procdump.zip), close running CCleaner UI and run procdump.exe -e 1 -f "" -x "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" - it should create a dump file when CCleaner crashes when you press "Clean" button. Thanks!
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