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  1. It´s strange. May be it´s a KIS-problem ... may be in connection with Win10. 1. PC Win10 x64 + KIS + ccleaner-update = so long - no problems at all. 2. Laptop Win10 x84 + KIS + ccleaner-update = the cleaner froze - when the cleaning process was started. But now = today everything works pretty fine. Nothing was changed! - There was an invisible touch! 3. Laptop Win10 x64 + KIS + ccleaner-update = the cleaner still shuts down - when the cleaning process is started. If KIS is closed the cleaner works. If KIS is reactivated during the cleaning process, the cleaner carries on and finishes its work. Restarting the cleaning process again with KIS the cleaner crashes ... or a window appears with the message that there is a problem with Win10 and therefore the cleaner has to be shut down. - Still waiting for the invisible touch for that Laptop.
  2. Identical problems, 1. PC Win10Pro, 64 bit: the cleaner runs perfectly well, no problems; 2. Laptop Win10Pro, 64 bit: the cleaner crashes, when you press the 'clean' buttom. If you 'analyze' first and than try to clean, the cleaner freezes; 3. Laptop Win10Pro, 32 bit: The 'analyze' works, the cleaner freezes. AV-system: Kaspersky
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