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  1. Well, I looked around but didn't see any easy way to do that; just sort of ran around in circles but got stuck in forums. I just love the way a vendor makes it so easy to reach, don't you?
  2. I've used DF only a few times and the first one ran for hours (on a 2T HD) [about 30% full] as it had never been done before. The next couple, I ran at end of day and shut down the system after. The next to last one ran all night long (15hrs) and I had to terminate it to end the process. The next day I started at the end of the day and the next morning I found the system still running and was stuck on '6 hrs 15 min' to go. While I watched it, the time remaining never changed, so I walked away for awhile (>2 hrs); when I came back, it was still at 6:15 to go. I tried to 'stop' but nothing happened. I tried to get back to the desktop - nothing. I tried CAD - nothing. Nothing I could do would 'unlock' the system. I had to force the system 'off' with power down. The next day when I tried DF again, it locked up the system after I started the defrag. This time I could get it to stop and shut down. But, after reading some of the posts on this site, I decided I don't want to use DF any more; I don't need any headaches. I'm not a power user or even a heavy tech, I just want a simple running system. Seems like WinDeFrag will suite me just fine. So I want to give DF back and reclaim my purchase funds, if possible. So, how do I do this? I notice there is no direct contact (at least none I could easily find) so I'm asking here.
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