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  1. ty your answer Nergal, 1. I mentioned Laptop in case it could be the problem of running two cleaners. 2. also mentioned it because I never had any problems with this cleaner. 3. what is pls to skipuac ? 4. I have always stopped from starting CCleaner in Autostart and only use/open it to use when shutting down pc. Sorry if my english may not be correct
  2. CCleaner Free, V5.41.6446, German version I installed Win 10 Pro, and I also added a free version of CCleaner to my new Laptop. So now every new start of my desktop PC (User Account Control) commands that I affirm/allow running the App CCleaner? But only on my PC version of CCleaner - why is that and how can I change that? Sorry, I cannot make a screenshot ofthis command, does not work in this
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