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  1. Thanx Hazelnut. I'll wait for Piriform to take care of it, then.
  2. I've been using CCleaner for a very long time, never had ANY probs with it, at all! However, the last time I updated my CCleaner Free (v5.41.6446), and I run the cleaner feature, the window displays the Summary Results not the Advanced Results as it did before. I have to manually click on the "Advanced Results" link to get to that display, when it was the default prior to last update. Did I change something in the defaults? I've checked, but I don't see any setting that would change this display. It's in the Cleaner tab, after I "Run Cleaner". I realize this is the free version. But, I've changed something and can't determine what I did. Thanx, to all.
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