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  1. i guess its better to using portable version now i guess. didnt want my AVG auto updating my ccleaner in case the hack problem happen again
  2. @Andavari okay thanks for you help, oh and i try search on google and looks like 1 of avast staff admit about this auto update and said portable version is excluded and i know its already in the past but i read that ccleaner got hacked recently and that version is 5.33. when that happened tho, is the portable version of 5.33 got hit too?
  3. @Andavari hello, so i guess im just gonna try use portable version then and see if AVG/AVAST can update it or not. i hope not so im gonna uninstall my ccleaner now, is there any location after uninstall that i need to check to see if uninstallation of ccleaner left a few folder somewhere? except program files of course
  4. hi @Augeas, so i hope even AVAST or AVG cant update it since maybe because portable version didnt listed in program list?. do you use AVAST or AVG too as your antivirus? as you can see on my other thread above, my old version v4.03 (pretty sure this one dont have auto update) recently got updated to version v5.41 so far many people said that AVAST(i use AVG, but both already 1 company anyway) is the one updating ccleaner. i report to avg support and already tell them that i dont have avg tune up installed so they told me to come here, since it should be another software causing it, i personally think AVAST/AVG is the one updating the ccleaner, either silently or something even if you dont have AVG tune up or avast software updater. and theres no response from dev or ccleaner support so far and all those post about the same problem only have 1 same software in every PC (AVAST). thats why i want to know if its better to just move to portable version or not
  5. Erick Pomada

    7-zip Update

    for normal user this 7-zip vulnerabilities can only be exploit when you extract something using 7 zip right?
  6. Hello, if i use the portable version, will it get auto updated too? im using AVG as my antivirus, my v4.03 already updated recently, planning to use portable version but i dont know if they will detect it too or not.
  7. @Andavari thanks for the reply, so you're saying that even the portable version can be updated by AVG or AVAST? i thought portable version cant be auto update and its not listed on my program list since it portable right? is there any advantage/disadvantage using portable version versus the installer one? and if i stay at installer version then there's no way to stop AVG or AVAST updating this?
  8. Hello I already posted about older version of ccleaner free get updated to the latest version automatically without my permission and some question about ccleaner portable in this thread But as you can see people only answering about older version ccleaner free get automatic update without my permission, and no one answer my question about ccleaner portable, so I going to ask about that in here again. My question is : 1. Where I can download ccleaner portable ? 2. What is the difference about ccleaner free standard vs portable ? 3. Will ccleaner portable get auto updated by itself (without my permission) too ? So far I only got response about ccleaner free get force update and I really hope someone could answer my question about ccleaner portable in here. The answer to ccleaner free get force update is not clear too since there is still no answer about it from the dev. If someone or dev maybe could explain about the ccleaner free older version get force update please answer on my other thread
  9. @mta I'm using AVG Antivirus Free version 18.2.3046 So is this caused by avast ? Then since avg and avast owned by the same company, they probably causing this ? Is portable version got auto update too ? What's the difference with the usual installer ?
  10. No, I'm using AVG Antivirus Free
  11. Hello I just check my pc and find that ccleaner free has updated by itself Already check my pc (ccleaner free version 4.03.xxx) and my laptop (ccleaner free version 3.15.xxx) has been updated to version 5.41.6446 without my permission!! I'm using win 7 64 bit on my pc and laptop My question are 1. Why ccleaner updated by itself and how ? 2. If I'm using ccleaner installer standart what folder does ccleaner create and where ? (I'm only know that ccleaner will create cleaner folder in program files and asking if there is any other folder and location that ccleaner will use) 3. What is the difference about ccleaner installer standard vs portable vs slim ? 4. If I install portable version will it auto update by itself too?
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