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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know. I ran the EZ clean for the first time. It erased all the notes that I had on the Google " voice note" app. Notes I really needed . CCleaner should warn people about stuff like that. It did speed up my computer dramatically though, for which I am grateful!"
  2. First of all I want to thank you for getting back to me so quickly and repeatedly. It's refreshing to not be ignored! I also thank you for giving me some tips. But I just want to make sure that you know my whole purpose for writing was not to get instruction or tips from you. My main reason for writing was to give a suggestion/complain to you and have that acknowledged and then passed on to the decision-makers. I hope that's what you do, please. My point/suggestion was..... if CC is going to delete anything from chrome it needs to announce or warn that they're going to do that. The only thing mentioned on the app was Internet Explorer, and yet it wiped out a bunch of things from chrome. CC should mention/warn about Chrome or all browsers so you don't delete things unexpectedly, with all the huge stress that that causes . It should warn/be mentioned/posted. Anyway I'm done... thanks again and over and out!
  3. I don't think you're paying attention to what I wrote. If I deleted manually according to what your program indicated, I would still have deleted things on Chrome which I did not want to do. If it says it's deleting only Internet Explorer items, then that's all it should delete. Manually or automatically. Not Chrome.
  4. CCleaner caused a little note to appear on my screen this morning saying that I could free up a gigabyte+ by running it. And in the left hand side of your cleaner it said I would be cleaning Internet Explorer. But it didn't do just Internet Explorer it also cleaned my Chrome which I didn't want to happen. It wiped out everything that I had accumulated on my Chrome app "Voice Note 2" . Not cool. I had a lot of valuable notes and information that it wiped out. If you're app shows on the screen it's going to be doing Internet Explorer that's what it needs to be doing and not other browsers. Windows7,Chrome
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