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  1. I ordered C Cleaner Pro March 7, 2018 and authorized payment by credit card. I received a C Cleaner Pro disc a short time later (I didn't make note of the received date and hope date is not important). The box has a lable showing LPN RR 40988 0099. When I tried to install the software, I got a message that said "This app can't run on this PC". "C Cleaner doesn't work on this version of Windows. An updated app may be available." I took a look at a copy of my Purchase Reference #131066320 and found out that my credit card payment had been declined, so nothing has been paid for. I'm not sure I am sending this email to an appropriate email so I would appreciate it if you could either help me get the right disc and get it paid for with correct credit card information or get my request forwarded to the correct department, Regards, Fran Head
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