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  1. I use the word database loosely, what I was really referring to was the default ini files specifically the internal 'CCleaner - Application Cleaning file' this file has thousands of application entries yet only the application installed (detected on CCleaner startup) are actually shown, my suggestion was to integrate all the entries from Winapp2.ini in to the 'CCleaner - Application Cleaning file' and to be able to manually scan for installed applications, and of course CCleaner would not need to know about 'every' software just the ones it cares to clean, the program gets updated often enough for requested software support to be added and those who do not wish to wait can use the Winapp2.ini in the interim. its pretty much half way there. as for Winapp2.ini I don't use it I just use the default CCleaner program but I have more than one cleaning program to uses as they each have their strong points. if you don't trust your editing skills to tailor the Winapp2.ini manually may I suggest the excellent Winapp2ool you can find it and the latest CCleaner Winapp2.ini in the link below. https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/
  2. Having to have the Winapp2.ini with all its entries just to find a few programs is a somewhat annoying due to the startup delay every time CCleaner is initialized. could all programs be added to a CCleaner database but only show in the default clean after a manual scan of the computer, this way we only need to do an initial scan or an updated scan after new software is added, applications added to the default clean could automaticity be removed if the software is not detected. Scans could have an advanced option to display found applications and a tick-box to allow CCleaner to import the program and clean it every time or to ignore it. of course for some of us its quite simple to edit the ini file to only have the programs we want but for many I suspect this task seems daunting and are happy to suffer the delay on startup.
  3. I'd like to know too... but in the meantime... maybe this will help someone.
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