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  1. I have upgraded to version 5.41.6446 the latest as at 27/04/2018. The problem still exists. Basically the cleaner always puts out the same statistics information if a second clean is performed. It looks like the results are being plugged in. They do not make any sense.
  2. Thanks for responding. I do have 2 sync folders only. Onedrive and abFiles. Relatively small number of static files. These have not affected my back to back CCleaner runs in the past. I did as you suggested and disconnected my wifi on my laptop. It did not make a difference. Back to backs still produce a report such as:- Privacy 107 tracking file(s) removed Junk 802 MB of unnecessary file(s) removed The actual file count reported under Privacy varies, typically 107 to 110. When I do an Analysis BEFORE another back to back:- Analysis Complete 0 bytes to be
  3. I run CCleaner on Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms. Before, when I ran back to back cleans, the number of files removed diminished. This made sense. Now, after the most recent update, running back to back cleans does not result in a no more files left to delete scenario. This does not make sense. For example, every time I run the cleaner on my laptop, a new clean straight after the previous one, it reports that about 110 tracking files have been deleted.
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