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  1. Thanks! I just noticed the date on it. One more question. Can I move the new one from the "Downloads" folder into the "Applications" folder inside the "Downloads" folder before I open it (just to keep it with all my other application files)?
  2. Greetings, I have an Asus desktop computer equipped with Windows 7, and Avast Antivirus software. I just downloaded the latest CCleaner update (5.41.4664.) and find myself with two different application files. One entitled ccsetup541 in my "Downloads" folder and one entitled ccsetup407_slim in my "Application Files" folder (which is located inside my "Downloads" folder). So which one of these am I supposed to open? And, are there any other issues I should know about before I unleash either one of these applications upon my hard drive in all their glory? Thanks in advance.
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