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  1. Thanks to all who replied. What I ended up doing was getting an external desktop 4TB where all Documents/Downloads now live, and use external portable hard drives for system backups and file backups. My mini-tower desktop would not support an secondary internal drive, so there really was no choice but to go the external desktop drive route, and it's going to work out fine. In essence, C:\ is now like I had before with a full-size tower, i.e., installed programs only and OS.
  2. Would you use a portable hard drive such as a Seagate or Western Digital, 1TB or larger, as a secondary hard drive which would be left plugged in on a 24/7 basis? USB, of course. My prior desktop, which is a two-hard-drive tower and I could have up and running in minutes, was used as installing programs-only on C:\ and documents/downloads created on D:\. It was easy to backup the C: drive in case of disaster, i.e., hard drive failure, and backing up the D: drive was much easier also in case of disaster. It's not that I don't back up the two folders I use all the time religiously (D
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