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  1. Hey guys... It has been about several decades past Win 3.1 and 95, and I have lost my pioneering spirit to find yet another utility to replace a missing button to do something so simple. Hence, the reason why I rely on CCleaner to do what a dozen or so disjointed utilities used to do for me. I just need a little more encouragement for Piriform to just add another needed function and merge it into the look and feel of CCleaner that we've become so accustomed to using.
  2. CCleaner has a function under Tools/System Restore that enables me to see if there are excess dated restore files that could be deleted. That's fine, but there needs to be a few other functions in addition to that. One, there have been times that I should have had a more recent restore file available, but the steps necessary to create one is unwieldy to locate and start. There is no reasonable shortcut available to create a current system restore file. CCleaner should have a button on that screen for the user to immediately create a current restore file. This is long overdue. Two
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