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  1. 2 hours ago, nukecad said:

    If you are Dumbing Down the UI for 'non technical' users then why have you not yet removed the large button to the 'technical' registry cleaning process?

    For a few years now, regular members have been suggesting that you do this (or at least make registry backups automatic before fixing) to deter non-technical users from blindly running the reg cleaner and then coming here complaining that CCleaner has broken their machine.

    Style changes to UI's happen, and there are always those who prefered the old style - and I'm also one in this case.
    But you can still see that old style, if you are prepared to wear out you finger giving an extra mouse click.

    I agree it would be a further improvement if the Advanced Options gave the default view options of  - simple report/detailed report/file list.

    PS. If you Analyze instead of/before cleaning you still see the old style details list, no matter what settings you have for the cleaning.

    Just a simple option to keep it the way it was, for the many not so "non-technical".  That's all. 


    P.S. - There seems to be a very noticeable lag right up front when it's dealing with Edge and IE, even though I avoid Edge like the plague and Cortana has been banished to her broom closet!  ;)

  2. 36 minutes ago, OldMike65 said:

    I too do not like the New Look of version 5.41 !!! You've managed to ruin a really great program. I Want an option to have the old advanced summary screen back for every run , without having to click "Advanced Report" every darn time!!!!   At least for the Pro versions. I will be removing this new release and re-installing the last good CCleaner. 5.40 


    I could not agree more!  This is a hideous attempt to "Metronize" CCleaner, an otherwise excellent tool.  I do NOT want my desktop looking like an iPhone!  Please, please.....  your option in Advanced does not do as advertised.  It simply show the results in detail line-by-line-by-line format, NOT as a summary like we have been accustomed to.  You still must click another button to get the summary screen as it used to be.  This looks terrible.:(

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