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  1. all machines, expired. No way. What's happening?
  2. Me, too. All my machines. Not possible they all are expiring.
  3. Just a simple option to keep it the way it was, for the many not so "non-technical". That's all. P.S. - There seems to be a very noticeable lag right up front when it's dealing with Edge and IE, even though I avoid Edge like the plague and Cortana has been banished to her broom closet!
  4. I could not agree more! This is a hideous attempt to "Metronize" CCleaner, an otherwise excellent tool. I do NOT want my desktop looking like an iPhone! Please, please..... your option in Advanced does not do as advertised. It simply show the results in detail line-by-line-by-line format, NOT as a summary like we have been accustomed to. You still must click another button to get the summary screen as it used to be. This looks terrible.
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