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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I have quarantined it. /SW
  2. I did actually note that it was three cs and not two. After quickly checking on this forum I have decided to block it. I don't think it is a true CCleaner file. /SW
  3. Hereby sort of answers the question in my first post 'A malicious program using the CCleaner name?' Is that the answer? yea or nay? /SW
  4. I attach a clip of the Malwarebytes warning. What I need to know now is whether to put this file into quarantine or will doing that affect the workings of CCleaner? /SW
  5. I am a paid-up user of CCleaner - Professional version 5.40.6411 (64 bit). I am also a paid-up user of Malwarebytes - Premium 3.3.1 updates current. I always uncheck the offer of free offerings when installing. I bought the professional version of CCleaner some time ago, so haven't slipped into the mistake of installing free programs. I believe updates for CCleaner are now done automatically. /SW
  6. I have today got a warning from Malwarebytes telling me that PUP.Optional.CCCleaner is a potentially unwanted program. Is this a bug in CCleaner? An error in Malwarebytes? A malicious program using the CCleaner name? Or is CCleaner not to be trusted? /SW
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