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  1. Nope, no AV or security software, just Windows Defender, which as a test I disabled and run the Duplicate Finder again, and it still could not remove them.
  2. Nope its not an SSD, Yes its is enabled and is set to Complex Overwrite (7 Passes), the other two checkboxes are not selected. EDIT: Also tried turning it off and using the standard one, that did not work. (Just in case).
  3. Here are some from me, I have a whole text file with several hundred. If you want it I can PM you. - This is from the Export option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CakePHP Application Development.pdf D:\My eBooks\Computer Programming 7.96 MB 15/11/2017 21:56:45 CakePHP Application Development.pdf D:\My eBooks\Computers\eBooks (IT Various) 7.96 MB 26/01/2018 20:35:51 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I too am having similar issues. I can delete them fine from Windows Explorer without a problem, I have checked the File Name and Path and there are no unusual characters, its not too long or anything like that. Tried renaming files and folder, but this did not solve, even moved them to a different physical disk but no luck.
  5. Thanks, but that does not seem to have a solution yet, and dont want to piggy back on someone else's issue.
  6. Running the latest version of CCleaner and using the Duplicate Finder to find some files in a folder (recursively). It builds the list find, and when I select the duplicates to remove, it always comes back and says it was not able to remove them (they all remain ticked in the UI as well). What I want to know is why it cant remove them and if there is anything I can do to allow them to be removed. I have checked the obvious bits, they are not read only, the filename and or path is not too long, no special or unusual characters in either the path or filename. I have tried moving some to a d
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