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  1. Hey. Microsoft supports are claiming that CCleaner registry cleaning should NOT be used in WIn 10. They say not only doesn't the registry cleaning help much, but it can HARM the system? I have tried to find any solid info from any Piriform source regarding registry cleaning and Windows 10. Could any devs here answer if CCleaners Registry cleaning should NOT be used in Win 10? Or is it only Microsoft who dont want users to use tools? The Microsoft support said that Windows 10 registry doesnt work the same way as previous Windows, and that using CCleaners registry cleani
  2. Thanks! That fixed it for me as well! I thought that 24 hours for defragging a 2TB disk was a bit long =)
  3. Hey! I had the same question. After analyzing my SSD (C:drive), it states my drive is 40% defragged. Should I use the defragger then, or leave it? My windows 10 is set to do weekly maintainence, but the disc is a few years old. Or is defragged SSD not a problem? Thanks! --Kurnn
  4. Thank you kindly for the fast response! I found your defrag tool and using that right now. I didn't really see windows defrag doing much, and didn't know you guys had one! This question is now Answered awesomely! --Kurnn
  5. Hi there! First, thanks for a fantastic product! I have been using it since forever and it has solved more problems then I can count. I have a question regarding the "Wipe Free Space" feature. Is it safe to use that on a SSD drive? I get a warning when I try to. Thanks again! --Jonas, The Swedish Goth
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