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  1. Home now ... drive was checked, wipe free space was checked, secure deletion was checked. All unchecked now! I did not check any of these. I think this will surely help. ThankYouVeryMuch!
  2. I'm at work and I looked at my CC here which should be the same as mine at home. Secure Deletion = No; Wipe Free Space = YES!! I never selected that option. I bet that is the culprit! Agree? You ought to publish this solution to all if those settings can cause the slowdowns I mentioned. I'll check the home laptop this evening.
  3. 1. 5.40.6411 2. 64.0.3282.167 3. Win 10 Pro build 16299 4. 64-bit FYI, last nights cleaning took 463 sec.
  4. I'm running the latest versions of Win 10, Chrome and CC. Cleaning "Google Chrome - Internet Cache" is one of the primary reasons that I use CC. That is the point everything stops ... 41% completion. Things were doing great before Avast bought CC and started blindly loading their software with each CC 'update'!
  5. CCleaner runs the "Analyze" portion of the cleaning cycle just as it normally has, but the "Run Cleaner" is horrendously slow. Tonight, after only being on line for less than 3 hrs. it took 236 seconds to "Clean". A month ago that would have taken 10-15 seconds tops! I "cleaned" the pc last night so it wasn't an accumulation of residual files. It gets bogged down at the 41% mark with Google Chrome - Internet Cache files deleting them about 2 every second. WHAT HAPPENED TO CCLEANER? UPDATE: Last night's "Run Cleaner" took 251 seconds! 4 Minutes!
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