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  1. I seem to remember when I first purchased the pro license to CCleaner that it wasn't renewable annually. Now it is. While I love the software, I am not fond of paying a fee every year. Is a lifetime license available?
  2. Oh, Ok. I ran system checker but it will not let me access the scan logs! It reported that I do have corrupted system files. I have researched how to take ownership of the log file, and it is extremely complex. The take ownership hack doesn't seem to make it accessible. I may just live with this prompt. The CCleaner scan does its job. I find sometimes that glitches such as the one I am reporting sometimes go away on their own, as if a computer has a built-in immune system that eventually takes care of the bug! LOL
  3. Hello, Hazelnut, I am not getting the Blue Screen of Death, only the pop-up that I sent. I am running Avast premium antivirus, but no others. I have not run a System File Check. I will do so and report back. Thank you for answering!
  4. When I run CCleaner (v5.39.6399 (64 bit), as it finishes, I get a Windows prompt that says "defaults has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." And there is a button to close the program. CCleaner seems to work ok, once I close the prompt. What is going on? Can it be corrected?
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