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  1. I am using a Mushkin 1TB Reactor SSD SATA drive. The model # is MKNSSDRE1TB. Speccy indicates that this is a TOSHIBA drive. It better not be...
  2. The 1809 update was and still is on the Microsoft website. All anyone needed to do was to download Media Creator 1809. Upon execution you could : 1 - UPDATE THIS PC 2 - CREATE MEDIA TO UPDATE ANY WINDOWS 10 COMPUTER EITHER ON DVD OR USB 3 - CREATE ISO FOR LATER USE I chose #3, saving the ISO on my D: drive. Copied the ISO to a USB drive. Performed my own backup and SYSTEM RESTORE POINT. Mounted the ISO and ran the update. My computer updated without any problems, what so ever, which is a FIRST for WINDOWS 10 PRO X64 !!! It only took me 1 hour to update which I feel was a little long in the tooth.... Pete...
  3. I have a 1TB Mushkin Reactor 1TB SSD Drive. Model # MKNSSDRE1TB. Speccy is saying this is a TOSHIBA drive. Pease correct !!! Pete...
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