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  1. But with actived item, CCleaner doesn't update ?!? so it's a problem in CCleaners update code ?!
  2. I've found a solution for mine, see screen shot in my german windows 10 / server 2016: I have disabled the red marked option in the advanced tab of the internet settings... Now the upgrades are working fine This is only a workaround. I think it should be resolved in the core of ccleaner, so that updates don't switch http and https...
  3. Hello, i've tried your preferences, but this doesn't resolve my problem on my SBS2016. My standard browser is Mozilla Firefox 58.0.1, Internet Explorer 11, Edge isn't installed. Download from the builds isn't a real option, because all other clients do the update very well, from Win 7 to win 10 with no problems.. Greetings Tobias
  4. Hello dear forum, i'm using ccleaner 5.38 on my windows server 2016. If i click on "check for updates" there opens a popup with the errorcode "0x2f07". On my other Win7, Win8 and Win10 machines, ccleaner updates as recognized. best regards Tobias
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