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  1. Okay, so I decided to test it again, with the exception of not doing anything else that could be using the same render engine. I restarted my computer, logged in, and decided to run CCleaner a few minutes after logging in. I left all of the settings still in tact like before, not changing any of them. So, I clicked Run Cleaner and it successfully cleaned IE's Temporary Files, History, and Cookies. After cleaning, I closed CCleaner and opened IE and used it for a few minutes and eventually closed it. I opened Task Manager briefly to see if the process was gone and it was. So, I went back to CCleaner and did the same thing like before. Surprisingly, the prompt didn't show up at all and successfully cleaned IE's Temporary Files, History, and Cookies. Lastly, I did the steps one more time just in case anything different happened. After I opened IE again for a few minutes and closed it, I went back to use Task Manager to see if the process was gone. However, the process was still there and I waited to see if it would disappear, which it did after a couple of seconds. After I made sure IE's process was gone, I ran CCleaner, clicked Run Cleaner again, and successfully cleaned IE's Temporary Files, History, and Cookies yet again. So, after doing that I don't think it's necessarily an issue with CCleaner itself, but rather Internet Explorer. It could be possible that IE isn't closing immediately, or otherwise taking longer than usual. I can check to see if the version of IE on my computer needs to be updated if that would solve anything. Thus, it seems like the issue is resolved for now. I thank you for the support and if the same (or a different) problem arises, I'll keep you updated with that.
  2. I did make sure that the Internet Explorer process was fully closed in the Task Manager when I did the tests. As for opening other programs that would use IE's render engine during that, no. I only use Internet Explorer from the Windows 8.1 desktop, not using it via the tiles.
  3. Ever since I updated CCleaner to v5.43.6522, I've noticed a possible bug in regards to cleaning files from Internet Explorer 11 on my Windows 8.1 laptop. (The version of IE I'm using is 11.0.9600.19003) Whenever I clicked "Run Cleaner" it would prompt me to close IE in order to clean the files. However, the program was already closed and still gave me the prompt. Whether I clicked Yes or No, it would always skip cleaning IE's Temporary Internet Files, History, and Cookies despite them being checked in their respective tick-boxes. At this point, I decided to figure out what was causing this to happen, or otherwise diagnose the problem. I restarted my computer and logged back in and decided to start up CCleaner before opening IE again. Surprising enough, it seemed like the problem went away and cleaned the Temporary Files, History, and Cookies like it normally would when checked. After cleaning, I opened IE again for a bit and closed the program. When I went back to use CCleaner with the same tick-boxes checked like last time, however, the problem came back again. I repeated the same thing a second time later on with the same results. Thus, I believe I figured out what's causing this bug: If you run CCleaner before opening Internet Explorer, it will always clean as intended. However, if you open CCleaner after using Internet Explorer (regardless if you cleaned IE or not beforehand) it will always skip cleaning Temporary Internet Files, History, and Cookies. The temporary solution this problem is restarting your computer, unless there's another solution to this that I'm not aware of. Hopefully this bug can be fixed in the near future
  4. Thank you Piriform for fixing this problem. It's now updated to the most recent version
  5. Hi there, Piriform. I've been trying to update CCleaner to the most recent version (v5.39.6399) but the link keeps redirecting me to the previous update v5.38.6357 Any help would be appreciated
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