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  1. Wouldn't say they are liars, I mean many free software do install or try to install other software in a form of ads because well, Its free anyway. And CClearner works great if they just fix this issue. I also got hit with Avast on a client's laptop after installing CClearner, and I also unchecked the box to install avast. I no longer have the laptop as I gave it back to my client after repair. My desktop which I just rebuilt, installed a clean version of windows and CCleaner and I unchecked the box for Avast and it never installed. So idk why it does it.
  2. I unchecked the box on 2 different machines and it still installed Avast on both of them, and its a pain to get rid of as well....
  3. Yeah after a fresh windows 10 install on my gaming PC due to my SSD failing, I installed CCleaner and unchecked the Avast ad at the bottom, Well, it ended up on my computer anyway.... I just Cloned Windows 10 to a SSD for my customers All-in-One PC, Decided the computer needed cleaned up, Installed a updated version of CCleaner, they had an old version, When it asked to install Avast, I unchecked the box, well its still installed Avast anyway....
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