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  1. Thanks for the information and tip. I've been deleting cloud files and I've freed up 354 gigs. I'm going to watch closely so it won't start growing again. If you ever find what caused those files to grow so huge send me a note. Charjeanne
  2. mta & trium, this is from WizTree. Looks like 98% is in the cloud drive.
  3. Sounds like a good idea. thanks
  4. I'll get an external drive, been looking at them. I thought when I backed up my files I was going into a cloud pointless to leave 2 of everything on my computer. But I have tried to delete some of those edb files and it says I'm not allowed. I guess I could just go to the 'cloud' files and delete everything in it but I don't think that will delete the edb files.
  5. Here are 2 - fyi the Co at the end of those lines is Configuration and the file name ends there.
  6. Trium, the only 'cloud' I have on my computer is a cloud drive and I think it has a duplicate of everything, I did a back up with it. But if it's considered 'cloud' isn't it not supposed to use space on my computer? I'm starting to get confused about how some of this works. mta, I'll look into WizTree
  7. I don't know why I have these large amounts. I've had my computer for years and I guess it's added up, whatever 'it' is. I'm wondering if there is a setting that I need to change to stop this and correct the way the searches are saved. (if that is the right way to say it) I'm totally lost on this and will probably have to take it to a technician. This is what I used. You can see the large number if items at the top.
  8. I know what the concept of a cloud is - to store files off of your computer thereby making more space for you. I haven't looked into it, guess I'll have to now. I ran the indexing and it ran for over 15 hours and indexed 1,400,000 files but I'm not seeing a difference in the total GB being used. I'm rather lost right now. I just don't know enough to correct this. I'll look into the cloud apps but I'd rather find out how to fix this problem if I can.
  9. mta, I ran the indexer shortly after your post yesterday and just wanted to let you know it is still running. (10:30 am CST) It has indexed over 1,300,000 files and there is more to go. I have 920 gbs and was getting messages that my computer had no more storage space. I'm 68 and live alone. I only use the computer for personal things and should not have used anywhere near 920 gb. I'm so hoping this will free up more space. Here is the before picture. Look at the lower section - line 3 & 4 are exactly the same size, so is 6 & 7 and then the next 3 items are exactly the same
  10. That looks good, I'll try it. Thanks so much.
  11. I tried but the programs it led me to didn't work. I'm looking for someone who has found a program that does work.
  12. I'm trying to clean up and get rid of unused and old files but CC is finding a lot of them under edb extension. Is there a program that will open this extension so I can see what they are?
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