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  1. I want to get rid of duplicate files within the folder hierarchy behind the Picasa tool using Tools > Duplicate Finder. I specified the folder ("F:/new pictures") but when I ask CC to search, it completesvery quickly and pick s up nothing. So I want to just deduplicate just one folder and its hierarchy - nothing else. Thanks, peter
  2. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I have been busy. BUT i found that my files came over from another Windows and were therefore (stupidly?) made read-only. Why oh why does it do that? Clearing the read-only properties takes a long time. I'll let you know how I get on probably by week'd end. Thanks
  3. When I delete duplicates in DF it tells me that it has finished but that "some files were not deleted". Is there any way to find out which these were and why they did not delete? And if not, could this be added? Thanks
  4. Thank you. I have a screenshot. This is what it looks like after I did a Duplicate Finder (DF) search and deleted the files indicated. Then I reran the DF and the files are still there, as verified by File Explorer. I did try to delete at least one hundred files at the time. Thanks, peter
  5. ...In fact quite a lot of them after successfully finding them. Thanks, peter
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