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  1. I've deleted several directories and I can't recover anyone in Fat 32 but it would be able to recover very old files.
  2. I've done other tests and effectively it can't recover directories if it's a Fat32 key. It works well wit an exFAT key. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard did it with Fat32.
  3. Yes I'm not easy in English. I've done other tests with another USB key (in fact this key is the same model than the other) and the same files and directories and I'm surprised because with this key, Recuva can recover the deleted directory. Then I tried again with the previous key with which I don't do anything since the suppression but it doesn't find the deleted directory. The only difference : one key is Fat32 formatted and the other is exFat formatted. The problem is with the Fat32 key.
  4. As I've seen EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover deleted directories, I've asked if it's possible to have the same possibility with Recuva. It's not a competition and there is no shame to add functions which exist in other products . Jay, I could recover all my files but it was very very long, several hours , because I delete a lot of files on this key and it does a very strong research.
  5. I delete a whole directory under the root on an USB key before doing a backup. It's easier to avoid to keep files I've definitively deleted. This directory is very complex and it's difficult to search all the "bad" files. Example, my key contains several directories : dir1, dir2, dir3. Under dir1, I have other directories dir21, dir22 with files in theses directories. dir21 contains file1, file2... And I use this key to copy file between 2 computers which are not on the same network. I wanted to copy files from the USB key to the second computer, but I deleted dir1 from the USB key instead of the PC disk. When I launched Recuva, it didn't find dir1, neither dir21, dir22, neither file1, file2... It found files which were under dir2, dir3 because these directories were not deleted.
  6. Sorry, I did not answer earlier because I haven't received a mail response. I've changed the settings . I've seen we can reconstruct the full path of the files but it works only if the file is in an existing directory. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can restore deleted directories but it's very expensive (95 $) while I used this function 2 or 3 times in 10 years. I don't know if it's very difficult to restore a directory, it's "only" a file with different properties.
  7. Hi, I've deleted a directory and its files and if Recuva can find very quickly files from an existing directory, it seems it can't see a deleted directory. Isn't possible? Thank you .
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