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  1. thanks for responding! i will add auto update to get the icon in the tray and will change my username on the next question. thanks again.
  2. hi i just got the update to ccleaner 5.79.8704 and now the ccleaner icon is missing from the system tray. also, in windows 10 ccleaner is missing from the notification area for me to add it to the system tray. i don't want ccleaner to run at startup or automatically, but i do want the icon to show in the system tray. if possible how? thanks.
  3. why doesn't piriform use virus total to see what needs to be removed and remove anything that comes up as a potential virus or malware? also, is the slim version still available for download? when i go to builds it does not seem to be available. does anyone use older builds and do they seem more effective for cleaning? it seems like the free version has been limited more and more over the years.
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