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  1. No offence dvdbane, but stating the obvious does not discount my point. Which is, don't push something you are trying to sell down someone's throat. Especially in a way that causes problems in their system. It is not a way that makes me want to purchase this software in any manner.
  2. When I installed an update to CCleaner, I saw the box for installing the "Avast" anti-virus just as I clicked the install option for CCleaner. It is checked by default. Well, it not only installed the Avast anti-virus software, but it disabled the Malwarebytes software I had which runs automatically on start up. I uninstalled the Avast software, but my Malwarebytes software would not come up. I finally checked the Services list, and I fould the Mawarebytes service had been disabled! I really think it takes a lot of nerve to install this anti-virus trial version on my PC, and disable something that I have running. And in a way that takes searching to see what is going on. Just my two cent's worth.
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