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  1. A new day, but the same problem... Recuva is stil blocked, exactly at the same point as yesterday (97%, 59945 files found). So Now it's quite 60h blocked at the same point. I always have the sames questions, but i also have another: Should i try with another program ? If yes, which one ?
  2. Hi all First of all i must assume my poor english capabilities... I'll try to do my best to be understandable. I've had a problem with a 300Go usb disk. It was no more readable by windows (it says something like "can't access the disk"). I've started a deep sacan with Recuva on it two days ago. Now the scan is at "stage 1 of 3: Scanning the drive for deleted files Current progress: 97%, 59945 file(s) found" since more than 36h. It takes me 2-3h to go to 96%, 1h to go to 97%, and then nothing. The estimated time left also grow up (it was 10 min remaining when i reach the 97% 36h ago, now it's 1h). So i've got few questions: How long it's reasonable to wait (i don't care waiting, but i'd prefer not waiting 1 month...) ? If i need to stop the deep scan, is there something special to do after ? If i restart some scan, should i do something different ? I'll try to be as much on the forum as possible to answer the question you could have to help me. And of course thanks a lot to everyone who will help me !
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