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  1. I goofed, it's not FAT32, it's NTFS. And believe it or not, an hour ago I found the folder. On another drive entirely. I hadn't deleted it, I hadn't lost it due to computer problems - I'd moved it, then forgot all about doing that. Augeas, I already apologized for not coming back more quickly. I've recently been diagnosed with a heart condition and am having several problematic side effects from the new medications that have been prescribed. Yesterday I never made it to the computer at all. I'm doing the best I can, but that best just isn't very good, here or anywhere else. Nerg
  2. First off, Augeas, the software itself recommends you create a virtual disk - that's why I did it. All I needed was one single folder off a virtual disk (partition) that contained no software. The O/S is Windows 7, Fat 32. I did rank them according to Condition and only selected Excellent. I was not able to limit the search to the single missing folder, so a hell of a lot of unnecessary material came up. I don't understand why you say that "Excellent" can still mean it has been overwritten many times. The comments specifically said, "The file has not been overwritten." I thought that was
  3. This is the first time I've used Recuva and may be the last if this is the way it works. Some time between April 1st and October, a critical folder disappeared from my virtual F (data) drive. I suspect it was in May when I had computer problems but can't be sure. At any rate, I have no backups old enough to recover the material. Imagine my delight when Recuva told me there were over 3000 files that had not been overwritten at all! I created a virtual drive on a separate external hard drive, selected only the files that said "Excellent" condition (took FOREVER, I wish there was away to select b
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