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  1. Sigh. I understand, but still heartbreaking.
  2. That's a shame it does that with Win 10, but it also means CCleaner is no longer functional for space-saving in Win 8 if you have to go into system clean-up files anyway. (It might still have use for privacy and whatnot but I'm the only user of this machine and that doesn't matter to me).
  3. Hi. I'm on a Win 8.1 notebook with limited C drive space so I need to keep it clear. My free space took a massive tumble downwards so I investigated and tried to clean. CCleaner got the usual suspects (e.g. browser cache, yes I know I can move that away) but even so that was only a few hundred MB and not the real problem. Turns out it was a big Windows update. Thing is CCleaner doesn't seem to erase old updates correctly? I had to go to C drive Properties, Disk Clean-Up, then Clean Up System Files. The "Windows Update Clean-Up" had a gig and a half or so in it. Is it by intention CCleaner does not do the various System File clean-ups? Is it is a bug? Should CCleaner at least offer an option to open the System File clean-up if it doesn't do it itself?
  4. Hey Just about the only thing I don't use on my Kindle is the Kindle function. It's 200 mb sitting on core storage. Does anyone know if this or other System Apps are safe to delete? For example Alexa?
  5. I just had an issue where my EBay would not proceed to checkout. I tried on two browsers (Chrome, Explorer on Win 8.1) and I did a CCleaner; so I looked to see if anyone else had experienced this issue. I found the issue, from an Admin CMD ipconfig /flushdns Worked beautifully. Honestly this is the first time I've ever had to do this, I'm not entirely certain what it is, and I don't think I need to - but is a DNS Flush a good potential option for CCleaner?
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