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  1. The only reliable temp report is the CPU, GPU, Harddisk CPU: 26-27 Idle (36 Load) GPU: So far up to 40 and down since i have a cool roon etc haha. Harddisk: 19 its ssd and Mobo: 112 haha, but that only from Speccy. Bios and Hwmonitor and two other programs shows the same 30-35 celcius
  2. True, True... So the only thing to do is to use other programs that works like HwMonitor etc in meanwhile, even though i like the Speccy Interface
  3. Is it only the M-Itx Motherboard that have this problem?
  4. Hello SpeccyTeam, I have built different Micro-ATX and normal sized ATX. Yesterday i have built my 8th computer with an M-Itx motherboard. Its a MSI B250i Pro Gaming AC The temp is 29-34 showed on Bios and other programs as HWMonitor etc. But i like the Speccy interface, is there a chance that we get to see and update on that?
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