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    while getting help installing a software on my computer, I let the installer have control of my screen and he did some stuff to install the software. I am afraid he might have planted something in my computer somehow that messed things up. He came back and stated that my computer had this problem and that problem and that I needed to pay some crazy amount to get it cleaned. I of course did not buy the program he suggested but immediately disconnected.
  2. mrjayebooth


    even as I chat with you I try to click on the down arrow and nothing happens for 10 seconds or more. none if the other computers on my network are having this problem
  3. mrjayebooth


  4. mrjayebooth


    2.41ghz cpu windows 10. I installed norton and tried to remove it but i couldn't completely get rid of it
  5. mrjayebooth


    lags on most websites and whenever I try to watch a movie it lags. I have 8 gig memory computer only a couple of years old. I clean it often but I still experience lag.
  6. mrjayebooth


    I try to watch movies and view certain websites and the computer just seems to stop until it catches up with itself
  7. mrjayebooth


    a slow computer that lags
  8. mrjayebooth


    How do we get rid of lag
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