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  1. Hello mta, Thanks for your last post. I have taken note and will follow your advice and obtain an external hard drive and back-up my "important" files. I note you quoted prices in Aussie $'s. From that I would assume that you write from Aussie. There is about between 9 to 11 hour time difference, I believe, from Spain so you will be likely preparing for your evening meal about now! I have been to Australia twice and I have a friend living in Brisbane at the moment. (I must admit arriving back in UK from Aussie, I was relieved to find myself standing the right way up! ) Take care. Regards ColinO
  2. Many thanks, I'll look into that. I have only ever done a System Restore once before, "playing" with the internal works of a computer has always seemed a little scary for me, I don't know what to do most of the time, as you may well have noticed, so I keep away from it! As I understand it, I would need an external hard drive to back up onto - but I'll have a look at Macrium and see what I need to do. Regards, ColinO
  3. Hello mta, Thank you, I'm more than pleased, it was an issue that I was really mystified about - and although it is now "solved" I have no idea how it happened or how to prevent it on any future occasion! Sorry to 'drag this out' but may I return to a question that I raised in my post following an answer from Augeas earlier in this thread after I had looked at some of the items that my Recuva search which was cut short, revealed. I wrote - "I believe I have found some anomalies. Does “Last Modified” indicate that the item was deleted or actually modified on that date? Because there are some items listed that have a date when there was no one ‘supposedly’ in the house on that date and the computer should not have been in use – which is further complicated by the fact that it is ‘protected’ by a password to open! " Regards, ColinO
  4. Hello mta, Just for the record, being well past my sell-by’ date I don’t have a great deal of technical knowledge, and what I have is gained through entering forums like this to obtain assistance with computer problems. However, this "challenge" has really got through to me. After so many "failed" attempts to download many different things - this printer software being one of them, and the most 'important' of them all, I went out for a long walk to walk off my irritation and do a bit of thinking. I spend a great deal of time away from home, there not being a desktop computer at the ‘other end’ I take my laptop with me. It does not have any printer to connect to and anything I need to print I “save” and bring back home to print out when I am here. Most of the printing is either for my club, where I have an administrative position, or for home use. During my walk, I was thinking of ways I could obtain the Printer Software. My downloads go to my desktop(monitor) on both my desktop`and laptop computers, so I came home and downloaded the Printer Software onto the laptop desktop, transferred it to a memory stick and transferred it to my desktop computer’s monitor. I have now succeeded in Installing the Printer Software. The shortcut is now as it was before and I am satisfied with it! I have no idea what ‘blocked’ the downloads of all those that I tried. I have the same anti virus and security programmes on my laptop as I have on my desktop computer. So that is something I shall next turn to and try to solve. (Before I return here to seek help!) So having, I think, obtained the use of the shortcut, may I offer you and Augeas my thanks for all your time and advice in helping me with this challenge. I hope I don’t need to return with another problem, but knowing my technical capabilities, it is extremely likely! Regards, ColinO
  5. Hello mta, Well, here's a fine old challenge! Following your instructions I deleted all things HP from the control panel. I then re-booted. I went to the HP site and entered the printer details and clicked on the "download" button. I had a "Failed" notice and re-tried downloading another 5 more times. So, apart from yet another System Restore to get back to an improper working state, have you any further ideas?! EDIT_ I have just tried to download the HP Download assistant and even that failed to download! THis is getting a little annoying. C. Regards ColinO
  6. Hello mta, I tried that and I didn’t get a result, it all failed to get anything! So, I have done another System Restore to two weeks ago. This time I went to the HP folder in Programme files and opened Bin. I then right-clicked on HPScan exe and made a shortcut. There is a “Toolbox” there too, but it doesn’t even open and there is no point even trying to make it into a shortcut. The shortcut I have made only gives me the scan photo or folder page, but that is better than nothing and I will have to work with that. Previously a page came up and I had options to check ink levels, print a test page, clean heads, get help etc. Now I suppose to find the ink levels I shall have to watch the colour of the print and keep a spare cartridge handy as I shall have no warning! Regards ColinO
  7. Hello Augeas, Thank you, I have done that and now have the shortcut on my desktop. The following appears when I click on the new shortcut – See what’s printing; Set preference; Customize your printer; At the top it has - File – Create shortcut/Delete/etc: Edit – Undo Delete/Redo/etc: View – Toolbar/Status bar/etc: Tools – Map network drive/Disconnect network drive/etc: Help – View help/Is this copy of Windows legal/etc: It still does not lead to the items that I want! I thought that I had got halfway by clicking C:\Program Files\HP\HP Deskjet J510 series\Bin\HPScan.exe. I then right-clicked and created a shortcut on the desktop. However when clicking it I get the notice “The HP Deskjet 2050 J510 series was not found.” Likewise in the same Bin list was “Toolbox exe” but nothing happens when I click on that, I don’t even get a notice! So thank you for your advice, but I am not getting there yet! EDIT - Further to above, I stopped the Recuva scan on reading your reply. It produced an “incomplete” scan list and I have been looking through the list. I believe I have found some anomalies. Does “Last Modified” indicate that the item was deleted or actually modified on that date? Because there are some items listed that have a date when there was no one ‘supposedly’ in the house on that date and the computer should not have been in use – which is further complicated by the fact that it is ‘protected’ by a password to open! Regards ColinO.
  8. Hello Everyone, I had a problem with my HP 2050 J510a printer, it kept printing out a blank page before the chosen page to print. I could not stop this and, following advice, I un-installed it, and as the shortcut remained on the desktop, I deleted it to the recycle bin. I then foolishly emptied the recycle bin. and re-installed the printer using the original CD. It now would not answer the command to print from a Word document and an on-line item. I then did a system restore to before it was un-installed. It now obeys the print command in Word and an online subject. However, the shortcut no longer functions and I can not obtain what used to be called the "Toolbox" whereby I could order - Print, Scan, Clean printer heads, check Ink levels etc. So I downloaded Recuva and as there is only the chance to search for this shortcut by searching for "Files" - I am informed by the Recuva Search Indicator that the search is going to take 4 hours! It is searching as I write! I am asking if there is a way to search for this shortcut in any other way? Many thanks if you are able to advise me. Regards ColinO
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